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Car Vinyl Wraps

When it comes to Quality, Detail and Stance, we are your #1 go to shop that specializes in making your car stand out from the crowd. With a large portfolio in the JDM Car Scene, you can trust that we'll make your car break neck.
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Roof & Hood Wraps starting at $199+ 
Chrome Deletes starting at $150+
Full Car Wraps starting at $2,499+
For an exact quote, please call one of our specialists today at (587) 999-1644 or email us: CustomDecalsYYC@gmail.com

Brands We Carry
We carry Avery Dennison, 3M Vinyl Wrap and Metro Restyling. All very good and competitive vinyl wraps that have outdoor durability of 5 years plus. Checkout their colours below: 

Metro Restyling: https://www.metrorestyling.com/

All our services include a 12 month warranty from any lifting and peeling. We take pride and confidence in our work so we'll make sure you come out with a great final product. Note: Any acts of god (Hail, rock chips, sun damage) cannot be warrantied.

Stanced Mustang- Tiffany Blue 
Stanced Mustange - Tiffany Blue Wrap
BMW e93 Wagon - Army Wave Green 
Evo 9 - Wine Red JDM Wrap
Evo 9 - Wine Red Wrap